Civil Engineer M. Sc. Rauf Muhtar Ekinci started providing contractor services in Diyarbakır in 1960. Company headquarters was later transferred to Ankara and Ekinciler and Partners Construction and Trade Limited Company was established on 14 July 1967. During the initial couple of years, the company mostly constructed main roads. First constructions beginning with Mutu-Tercan main road and artworks between Erzincan and Erzurum were followed by Ayancık dam road in Carsamba, Samsun and continued with several contracting operations. Our esteemed founder Rauf Muhtar Ekinci passed away when he was only 34 and we remember him with respect and love.

His brother Mechanical Engineer Yasin Kadri Ekinci then took responsibility for the management of the company. Activities aimed at creating a corporate structure and company growth gained momentum. Company’s working principle was determined as providing products and services in compliance with the guaranteed quality, time and budget. Then the process of administering the company by executives who are loyal to this principle was initialized. During this time, many constructions were completed including Zonguldak port, many forest roads and main roads, infrastructures and a high number of buildings and residents.

Afterwards, the company took the title Ekinciler and Partners Construction and Trade Inc. and since 1973, it has carried out hundreds of public and private sector projects both in Turkey and abroad. It has also offered its own real estate investments, which include prestige constructions as well, to the services of clients in the field of real estate.

In 2003, President Volkan Ekinci and Vice President Ducem Yegane Ekinci redesigned the organizational structure of the company and divided it into three main operational areas. These operational areas are Construction Group, Mechanics Group and Real Estate Development Group, respectively. Moreover, continuous investments in information and technology were also supported.

After 47 successful years, Ekinciler continues providing contracting services and real estate development investments by embracing the goals of all clients as its own, carrying such goals through and building effective and permanent engineering structures.

In addition to the confidence Ekinciler has as a result of its experience of almost half of a century, the company is one of the rising values of Turkey with its engineering services, investments, resources and victorious background. It makes an effort to sustain and improve its prominent status in the sector of public works thanks to its esteemed employees.

Values left behind by the founders of the company, Rauf Muhtar Ekinci and Yasin Kadri Ekinci Ekinciler, to their successor executives are the most important basis of Ekinciler’s corporate culture and will illuminate the company’s way in the future.

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