Mission & Values


Company’s mission is to continue providing reliable and permanent engineering services by carrying out construction operations in Turkey and abroad with a quality oriented approach thanks to its staff of specialists in construction business.


Ekinciler continues its operations with the principle of reliable and fair work and quality engineering services. The company embraces the goals of all clients as its own, carries such goals through and offers effective and permanent engineering solutions.

Ekinciler is devoted to producing structures which will serve humanity for generations. Aware of this responsibility, Ekinciler carries out all its projects in a timely manner and without any problem and it accepts perfectionism as an indispensable principle.
High Technology
Technology is perhaps the most important, “sine qua non” element of the construction business. Ekinciler considers keeping up with the century and even surpassing it as a primary duty and thus, it does not refrain from investing in high technology machines and equipment.
Besides the constructions it builds, Ekinciler has another source of solid power, that is its team of specialists. Although the matter is construction, Ekinciler knows the importance of human knowledge and experience and tries to direct a significant part of its investments to dynamic personnel who are specialists in their respective fields.
Client Loyalty
Ekinciler takes as duty to keep the values of its founders alive and works with the understanding of cooperation based on mutual respect and trust with its clients. In this context, Ekinciler aims to create client loyalty by establishing long and deep relationships through the solutions it offers to private and public sectors.
Global Perspective
Instead of staying within the boundaries, Ekinciler aims to undertake the infrastructure and superstructure projects of foreign countries in addition to those of Turkey. Ekinciler takes pride in seeking for and carrying out important projects in many different countries in the world today.
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