Project Details

General Directorate of Public Highways 17th Area Manager
Total Value
102,933,574 USD


The expressway from Ümraniye to Altunizade will connect Ring Roads 1 and 2 to each other. As part of this expressway construction, 3 viaducts of 2 x 398 m in length, the tunnel Kýsýklý of 2 x 625 m in length and the tunnel Tantavi of 2 x 270 m in length will be constructed. As the tunnels are intended for an expressway, they were designed to have two 3.5-m traffic lanes, a 3-m outer safety lane, a 1-m inner safety lane, and a sidewalk on both sides and to extend as a horseshoe with a base width of 15,21 and a height of 11,25 m. Under the 6.2 km-long expressway construction, the works performed include 2,000,000 m3 of excavations and filling, concrete works totaling 238,200 m3, 123,200 m3 thereof being in the tunnels, the production and laying of cement pipes of various diameters, totaling 40 km in length, 5,500 m3 of prestressed concrete for reinforced concrete, 66,000 m3 of mechanical subbase, 42,000 m3 of cement-added base, 57,700 tons of bituminous base, 38,100 tons of binder materials, and 25,900 tons of abrasion layers and guardrails 26,600 m in length.